Workshop with LIVE Patient Demonstration of the Entire Workflow

CAD/CAM Prosthodontics
Oct 4, 2024 - Oct 5, 2024



Course language: English

Available places: 11 of 12

Are you already adept at utilizing CAD/CAM technology for fixed dental prosthetics? Elevate your skills to a higher proficiency level. 3D Printed Dentures Training.

This condensed, 2-day Workshop with LIVE Patient demonstration and hands-on course will provide you with all the knowledge and understanding of the clinical, scanning, designing, and fabrication of a digital denture using all existing techniques. Software inLab and Exocad will be used for design and production.


  • 3D Facescan using a smartphone mobile application
  • Scanning techniques for edentulous jaws and existing dentures
  • Comparison of intraoral scanners suitable for edentulous jaws
  • Selection of working procedure: A - Existing denture (Reference or Copy Denture Technique)  / B - No denture (Intraoral scan or Individual Tay)
  • Intraoral scan versus functional impression
  • 3D printed individual tray / Functional impression in existing denture
  • Reconstruction of jaw relationship making a printed template with Intraoral support Pin / Registration device for the individual determination of the centric jaw position in edentulous patients
  • Creation of a printed VDO template / Buccal Bite Registration using existing dentures
  • Digital face-bow to transfer the position of the upper jaw to a virtual articulator
  • Adjustment of the virtual articulator / Advantages and disadvantages
  • Working with tooth libraries for artificial teeth selection
  • Design of denture base and tooth placement
  • Advantages of printing prototype (Try-in) / analysis / functional denture test
  • Options for 3D printing / SLA - DLP / and the significance of resin polymerization in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Ready-made (prefabricated ) composite denture teeth versus 3D-printed denture teeth
  • Color individualization of printed teeth / palatal cut/back
  • Comparison of resins for the base and teeth 
  • Color and shape individualization of gingival and mucosal parts
  • Overall standard and premium denture / Time required for each step of production of denture
  • Resistance of conventional and 3D printed dentures
  • Identification and treatment of premature contacts / mucosal pressure ulcers
  • Economic Evaluation: Calculation of the production of 3D printed replacements and printer amortization


For those who arrive by plane to PRAGUE

  • 3rd October - Non-organised Arrival in Hotel Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square
  • 4th October - 8 AM - Meeting at the hotel lobby and Academy organized transfer to KUNKELA Academy (90min)

For those who arrive by car (and others ) to KUNKELA Academy

  • 4th October 2024 - 10 AM - Training starts  _ 6 PM - Training Finished _ 7 PM - Common Dinner 
  • 5th October 2024 - 9 AM - Training starts _ 5 PM - Training Finished _ Organised transfer to Hotel Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square (for those who Travel by plane from Prague the next day - 6th October 2024)

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FREE ULTIMATE KITS and SAMPLES for Each Participant (Dentist or Dental Technician) to the Value of 690€  !!!

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  • Transport - For those arriving by plane

    We cover your transport costs from the selected Prague hotel to the KUNKELA Campus and from the Campus back to the hotel in Prague last day.

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    - flight tickets

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  • Hotel

    2 nights in Prague Corinthia Tower*****

    1 night in Jindrichuv Hradec Florian Palace***** 

  • Meals

    All-day meals, drinks, and refreshments during training days.

  • Hotel

    1 night in Jindrichuv Hradec Florian Palace***** 

  • Meals

    All-day meals, drinks, and refreshments during training days.

  • Total price Dentist, Without travel package 2,420 €

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    incl. VAT (21%)

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