Sleep medicine DA

The treatment of snoring and sleep apnea by means of intraoral appliances has become an acknowledged alternative treatment to respiratory masks (nCPAP). Numerous scientific studies have verified the effectiveness of the special splints for the progression of the lower jaw, amplifying and keeping open the respiratory tracts in the throat during the night. The guidelines of the American and German Society of Sleep Medicine (AASM / DGSM) recommend intraoral appliances for treatment of snoring and mild forms of sleep apnea.

We manufacture several different types of OSA splints, like the TAP splint and many others according to exact diagnoses. The TAP® splint has been developed by the American dentist and engineer Dr. Keith Thornton. It allows the patient to move the lower jaw forward during the night, thus keeping their airways open. High level of comfort for the patient is achieved thanks to the continuously adjustable protrusion of the lower jaw, lateral mobility as well as the fine but break-resistant fabrication.

We can supply OSA splints only to dental offices certified by the Czech Dental Sleep Society.