Terms & conditions


A registration is deemed complete upon the receipt of full payment at KUNKELA Campus, either through bank transfer or credit card. We accept MasterCard or Visa.


A payment is considered complete when received by KUNKELA Campus, either via bank transfer or credit card.


Contractual Termination - Cancellation

1. Should the need arise to terminate participation in the course more than 60 days prior to its commencement, a complete refund shall be facilitated, excluding an administrative fee of 50 EUR.

2. Between the 59th and 30th day preceding the course, the option to transfer a reserved seat to another individual is permissible. Course cancellation, during this period, will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of the tuition fee. Full reimbursement for the travel package is assured. An administrative fee of 50 EUR will be levied for the aforementioned transfer. In instances of name transfer, all remitted funds will be allocated to the new participant, with any outstanding balances becoming the responsibility of the transferee.

3. In cases where cancellation occurs within 29 days or less prior to the course, exclusively the transfer of participant names is feasible, and reimbursement for the travel package will only be honored up to 7 days before the course. The transference of names is admissible at any juncture leading up to the course. Monies disbursed will be duly redirected to the new participant, and any remaining liabilities will devolve upon the fresh registrant. A nominal administrative fee of 50 EUR will be applicable.

4. The Seller disclaims any accountability for extraordinary expenses incurred by third-party entities (e.g., airlines, lodging establishments, etc.). Compensation for delayed arrival or premature departure is not within the purview of this agreement.

5. The Seller retains the prerogative to annul or modify the course date. In such instances, financial remittances will be entirely restituted or transferred to a subsequent course. The Seller disclaims responsibility for supplementary losses consequent to these actions.